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Tree Health and Safety Assessment Programs

Trees, while adding significant value to a landscape, can also add issues when it comes to overall safety. As a tree ages it becomes more susceptible to disease and decay. This can cause limbs to die and possibly the hollowing out of the trunk. Unfortunately, this makes the tree a potential hazard in regards to structures and individuals in the area. Leaving a diseased, dying or dead tree runs the risk or limbs dropping or perhaps even the whole tree falling.

By having a professional tree health assessment early enough, measures can be taken to save a tree or prevent it from potential disease. Professionals are aware of which diseases infect different species of trees and what to look for to determine if they have already been infected. They then make recommendations or provide services to prevent the disease from occurring or to treat the disease, should the tree already be infected.

Professionals in this tree health field are also trained in determining the overall integrity of the tree. There are indicators as to the overall health, such as if it has fungus growing on it, missing bark, or holes in the tree to name a few. The trunk itself may be sturdy, but limbs may appear weak. The limbs may be able to be saved through cabling or may be necessary to be removed. Through this tree assessment they help determine appropriate measures to be taken for the trees to enhance the overall appearance and value of the landscape.

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