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Clear View Tree Service has been in business providing tree care services to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan since 1992. We are a fully insured, reputable, and professional tree service. In addition to quality work we provide free estimates and reasonable rates.

Tree Fertilization Programs

A proper tree fertilization program helps keep trees healthy for years to come by strengthening their growth process, increasing their ability to heal quickly, and keeping away potentially harmful insects and diseases. Tree fertilization by a trained professional can be especially important in both urban and suburban areas. In these areas trees are more susceptible to a variety of issues including physical damage and competition for nutrients.

Tree roots extend far beyond the base of the plant and can be accidentally damaged or severed. Damage can be caused by nature or human error, such as accidentally hitting the trunk of the tree when lawn mowing or by construction. Since roots are responsible for getting the plant the nutrients and water it needs to stay strong and healthy any type of damage to the root will impede its ability to do this process, potentially hurting the overall health of the tree.

In addition there is constant competition against other plant life (trees, grass, shrubs, etc) for nutrients and water. Their roots systems are interwoven and all are trying to get what they need to survive out of the soil. Also complicating this is that in these urban and suburban areas there may be less room for roots to grow in general depending on home foundations, etc that may be in the way. Getting a professional tree fertilization schedule should benefit the trees in the landscape and their surrounding environment for years to come.

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