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Tree Preservation: Tree Lightning Protection

Trees are highly prized plants in a landscape as they provide many benefits and affect property values. They may even be associated with a special memory (great-great grandpa planted the tree), been present for a historical event, or have other significance for their age. Many Oaks (which is the national tree) have been around for centuries. Unfortunately, due to their height, trees are susceptible to being struck by lightning which can kill the tree. Lightning has even been known to blow apart a tree, blowing chunks with major force for hundreds of feet.

If there is a concern with losing a tree it is recommended to use lightning protection installed by a professional. A company trained in the installation of these devices will know how to properly install the various parts (copper cables, etc.) without inflicting injury to the tree. Once properly installed, should lightning strike, it will be ground and carried away so as to not harm the tree.

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