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Tree Preservation: Tree Cabling and Bracing

While a tree may be in overall good health, some of their limbs may suffer from damage. This is especially of concern if it is one of the major limbs known as leads. Should one of these significant parts break, split, or fall it could cause the entire tree to die. Removal of the lead may not be desired as it would offset the balance and appearance of the tree. However, having an unattended damaged limb causes a safety hazard for structures and individuals beneath it.

Tree Preservation can be potentially accomplished through the process of cabling and bracing to minimize dangers without removal of the entire limb or lead. The process involves counter-balancing damaged leads with healthy counterparts to more evenly distribute the weight throughout the tree. A tree care professional is trained to know which limbs and leads would best be suited for the use of a series of cables and braces in order to stabilize the tree. These efforts help to avert the loss of the damaged limb or lead and potentially the entire tree.

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